Results-Based Management

The following services will support you in introducing Results-Based Management in your non-profit organisation, company or development programme.

RBM is a management strategy by which all actors, contributing directly or indirectly to achieving a set of results, ensure that their processes, products and services contribute to the achievement of desired results (outputs, outcomes and higher level goals or impact). The actors in turn use information and evidence on actual results to inform decision making on the design, resourcing and delivery of programs and activities as well as for accountability and reporting. (UNDP, 2011, RBM Handbook)

Process Facilitation

Example 1 – An important meeting with a complex topic is approaching. You are perhaps worried whether it will succeed because differences in personalities and interests of the participating people might hinder them from coming to terms. An external facilitator may provide solutions by bringing in creative methods for decision-making in your group. Even if the going gets tough, I am there to take you along to your goal.

Example 2 – Your department is in the process of determining its future work strategy, and many different players need to get involved.  This is going to be a rather long and highly complex process. It will require somebody to take the lead and look after proper documentation. Although the know-how may be available in-house, you may wish to commission an external person to keep track and give structure to the whole venture. With my support, you will end up with satisfactory results.


Project Management

There is a project that needs extra capacities and, therefore, you want it to be managed by an external. The project management I offer gives equal consideration to the objective that you want to achieve, the time available and the financial resources. You will need a project group consisting of members of your staff and a steering group to take decisions, and I will take you through this process.

Results-Based Project Management

Focussing on the results from the beginning. When using Results-Based Project Management, your objective is defined as an outcome. This means that your focus is on changes brought about by activities undertaken and outputs delivered in your project. In addition, you may wish to know whether a benefit for society is being achieved and whether steps on the way to it are clearly visible.



The purpose of an evaluation is to look back. Which of your objectives were you able to achieve? Was the approach you chose suitable? Is your vision still vital? When asking those questions, the perspective of an external – whether an individual or a team – is extremely helpful. A donor may require an independent assessment as well as recommendations on how to go on. Self-evaluation by all players involved in the project is another option. Whether external evaluation or self-evaluation, both are excellent learning opportunities. When you use my services, I can guarantee maximum participation and transparency during the evaluation process.